Now You Know How to Blow Dry your hair
Secrets to a successful blow-dry revealed Learn how to blow dry your hair to achieve a smooth and straight look. You can blow dry your hair with beautiful body and movement. Ever asked "how do I blow dry my own hair?" Now you know how!  

Finally -- A DVD Teaching Women how to Blow Dry and Style Their Hair!

The DVD Now You Know How . . . to Blow-Dry Your Hair
is produced by Now You Know How.

Pick-up Great Tips for a Better Blow-Dry NOW!


Featured in Life & Style Weekly

Life & Style Weekly recently featured expert stylist Kimberly Clo, The Ceramic+Ion oval brush and the DVD. Click to purchase this combo.

Brush & DVD combo

The "Now You Know How...To Blow-Dry Hair" DVD is featured in the "Everybody Wins At The Emmys®" gift basket.

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A wonderful e-mail...

Girl you truly are a hair GENIUS! I knew what a fabulous idea your DVD was but today I finally put it to the test. AMAZING, I mean really Kim, amazing I've NEVER had straighter hair (not even by my stylist) and not one piece of frizz. I am in awe. I thought it would be tedious, but really there was something medicinal about the whole process (and I don't even have a "good" hairdryer!). I worked up quite a sweat but BEST of all an amazing sense of accomplishment and self-satisfaction... Now I Know!!!

I have been singing your praises all day to everyone who has commented and will continue, you incredible inspiration!

    -- Trina M.

Read a great review at the Wardrobe911 blog:

"Stylist Kimberly Clo's DVD de-mystifies the art of the perfect blow dry and demonstrates how to achieve these salon hairstyles at home using only a brush and hair dryer."

    -- Island Family Magazine January 2009

Featured in the 10th Anniversary Special Issue of
Nashville Lifestyles
October 2009

Nashville Lifstyles Oct 2009 cover. Publisher's Top 10  includes the "Now You Know How To Blow Dry Your Hair" DVD

Unique Flip-Pak design made from 100% Recycled Paperboard



Ready to learn the fundamentals and finesse of a beautiful blow-dry?




What real women are saying after purchasing and watching the DVD:

"I have had many compliments on my hair now that I know how to style it. The DVD makes it very simple."

"Great job! This was exactly what I've been looking for."

"I never blow-dried my hair before because the results weren't worth the effort. But Kim is SO encouraging and positive. The DVD is wonderful!"

"I learn something new every time I watch Kimberly's DVD. Having the Now You Know How DVD is almost as good as having Kimberly with me every day!"

If you are ready to take control of your hair, then this valuable personal training session was created for you!

Need the information right away? The "Now You Know How...To Blow Dry Your Hair" video is available as a

See why Sara Evans is a fan!

"I've never had a blow out done to my hair the way Kimberly Clo can do it. I'm so excited to have this DVD to show me how to do what she does! It's very detailed and so easy to follow...

"It's amazing to me that she would share these "secrets" that she has perfected and made her the fabulous stylist that she is.

"I feel empowered now to do my own blow dry and know I'm going to look great!"

Sara Evans - Multi-platinum Country Music Star
PEOPLE Magazine's Top 50 'Most Beautiful People'


You will learn amazing blow drying tips and valuable styling techniques.

The secrets to an amazing blow-dry have been revealed in this 65-minute in-depth personal training DVD. "Now You Know How... To Blow-dry Your Hair!" There is no other how-to video like this! If you have curly or wavy hair and would like to achieve a smooth, straight look or a style with body and movement, then you need to order this video right away! You are about to learn a new skill that could possibly change your life!

Read an interview with Kimberly at DolceDolce.com
answering questions like "Is it possible to avoid 'the frizzies'?"
"Can a good blow-dry give fine hair volume without teasing?"
"How long can a good blow-dry last?"
Dolce Dolce

The Now You Know How web site is also a perfect place to find high quality blow-dryers, brushes and hair clips. The essential tools to create your best hair style ever! Click here for an article about Round Brushes and Oval Brushes.


Kimberly was featured on the NBC show "Better Nashville" talking about blow-drying your own hair (broadcast Aug 28) and showing you how to get a new look for Spring (broadcast March 15th).


Better Nashville segment on NBC

Kimberly Clo on Better Nashville

The "Now You Know How To Blow Dry Your Hair" DVD features include:

  • Spanish audio track and English subtitles option.Know someone who'd love this? Click here to pass along this website
  • Unique packaging made from 100% recycled paperboard. (You can compost it!!! - Not that you'll want to!)
  • Includes a FREE "cheat sheet" -- a laminated card that suction-cups to your mirror. A valuable tool that will give you confidence when you're doing your own blow-dry.

"I have to tell you, since I have started using the techniques when blow drying my hair, I have received so many compliments!! People are saying, "What did you do to your hair? I love it!" etc. Of course I tell them about your DVD! Best money I ever spent!"

        -- Valerie K.

"I have long, thick hair that used to seem impossible to
blow dry. Kim's DVD literally changed my life! The
steps are so well explained -- why wouldn't someone
choose to step out of the house each
day with a super-model mane? This is the best
beauty product I've ever purchased

        -- Stephanie Chapman

"I am so thankful to have discovered Kimberly Clo's new DVD on how to blow dry my hair. I'm the kind of person who likes to know how to do something myself, and how to do it well. This DVD accomplished that for me! I surprised myself at how much I learned, and how much I enjoyed the whole thing. Kimberly is such a great teacher and is so encouraging.Andra Moran

"Watching the DVD, I felt excited about something new that I was learning. Getting a great blow-out for my hair at home actually is possible!

"With this DVD, I was reminded of what it was like to share beauty tips and how-to's with my friends in high school. That's what this DVD is like-- having one of your friends right there with you for each step of the process. Her approach is fun and informative at the same time. I love that Kimberly is serious about hair, and gets incredible results, without ever seeming as though she's taking herself too seriously.

"Thanks, Kimberly. My hair has never looked better!"

        -- Andra Moran

"I am so grateful for Now You Know How to Blow Dry Your Hair. I live in Southern California a couple of miles from the beach. When it's the slightest bit foggy, my hair is an instant 'Hairball'. I have watched Kim's easy to follow DVD and I have actually been able to change the way my hair looks in foggy weather, all by myself! I look like I stepped out of the salon with the smooth, straight look whenever I want. It is so easy! It's the best kept secret!"

        -- Melissa W.



Coming Soon...

Don't have time to watch the DVD? Pre-order the Printed Book OR E-Book series (produced by NowYouKnowHow™)
with the same information. You can purchase individual Books of:
"A Smooth & Straight Look," "Style With Body & Movement," "Tips & Techniques to Blow-Dry Your Own Hair"
or the complete set of 3. Printed Books are bound by a clasp and are shipped
with the laminated "Cheat Sheet." eBooks can be downloaded after purchase.

The books should be available in a few months. Stay tuned for ordering information.

Now You Know How book